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policy ofian 3, 2013, the gentleman from massachusetts, mr. capuano is recognized for 60 minutes as the designee of the minority leader. mr. capuano: tonight, several members wanted to discuss the retirement of a very good friend of ours who deserves our recognition and with that, i'm going -- because there are so many people with busy schedules, m going to yield to minority whip, mr. hoyer. as long as you want, steny. don't worry. mr. hoyer: mr. speaker, we bring the house to order. there are some people from massachusetts causing a disturbance. capuano, who r. represents a famous area of america, south boston, a wonderful area of our country. as every member of this house knows, we rely on an outstanding group of professionals who manage the floor and the party cloak rooms. this is true for democrats and republicans. on the democratic side, we have been incredibly fortunate to have been served with great ability by a devoted public servant with a wonderful sense of humor, a sense of this house, a sense of history, a sense of decency and a sense of how to help members greatly. h
on talks with iran; curbing the cost of health care in massachusetts; what judicial gridlock means for the federal courts; and the legacy of lincoln's most famous speech. >> ifill: j.p. morgan's $13 billion settlement brings months of delicate, high stakes negotiations to an end. under the terms of the deal, $4 billion will go to struggling homeowners in the form of reduced mortgage payments, lower loan rates and other assistance, $7 billion will go to investors as compensation; the remainder will be fines paid by the bank. the agreement comes as investigators are said to be pursuing cases against other financial institutions. some assessment now of the deal's significance and its problems. lynn stout is a professor of business law at cornell university. she closely watches financial regulation. and bert ely is a banking consultant. what's your first sense of this deal? was it a good deal for anybody? >> well, i think as much as anything else it gets these problems behind jane morgan chase. they had a tentative deal a few weeks ago but now they can get this behind them and move on
from massachusetts, ms. tsongas. ms. tsongas: i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. the speaker pro tempore: without objection the gentleman from pennsylvania, mr. shuster is recognized for one minute. mr. shuster: thank you, mr. speaker. i rise today to introduce a good friend and community leader in my home state, reverend paul taylor and thank him for offering today's invocation. he made the trip to the nation's capital from the city of letreau, pennsylvania. for the past 17 years, reverend taylor has dedicated his life to the students and faculty at st. vincent's college. he's held several positions there, dean of admissions, dean of students and executive vice president. his civic engagement and enthusiasm for improving the lives of o's is not limited to higher education he also serves on the board to have directors for the hospital charity foundation. in his personal life he's an avid hunter and served as super to the six-time bowl champio
with massachusetts officials and mr. sullivan. we understand the humility. and i yield my time to the gentleman from virginia, mr. connolly. . . mr. connolly: i thank my colleague. i assure him it bonet be -- it won't be lengthy. when i first heard that barry sullivan was retiring, my reaction was, say it ain't so. i've been in this body for five years and one of the first people i met in orientation was barry sullivan. and as a son of boston, myself, as an irish catholic myself, as somebody whose family vacations where cod periodically, barry also vacations, i felt i was at home. i felt that there was a human face to this institution. who cared about it passionately, who had ties to tip o'neill and joe mogley, two great heros in my family's household in bostonment and i think barry has provided incredible service to the people's body, to this house, and has tried to ease stress, has tried to make our lives more comfortable. i cannot imagine what we're all going to do when our pager goes off and we don't hear that boston sta catow, you know, there will be four votes. this is the last series of the
, and we will look at the desert bus for hope. >> and football season canceled in massachusetts. michael eaves explains why in sports ahead onal jazeera america. seriously wrong... >> there's been acrimony... >> the conservative ideal... >> it's an urgent need... and a host willing to ask the tough questions >> how do you explain it to yourself? and you'll get... the inside story ray suarez hosts inside story next only on al jazeera america >> when was the last time your road trip took you from tucson to las vegas. it's an eight hour journey and one that is virtual. stay with me here. but it raises real money for some really special kids. so here to tell us all about the desert bus and it's mission is alan schafler in british columbia. it's all yours. >> reporter: tony, here we go. we're talking about the desert bus for hope. we'll pan to the right. and show you who is driving right now. and there is the screen from the desert bus co-opted by a comedy troupe and their extended family and friends to create a huge fundraiser a wildly pop lay event reaching all over the world. they turned a
of banks for the commonwealth of massachusetts. it is my pleasure to testify before you today on be-half behalf of the conference of ou state supervisor.hold i thank you forin holding this n hearing today to address the risks and benefits of virtual currency. theri risks of virtual currency include consumer protection, payment systems, national ity, m security, money laundering, and other illicit activities. the potential benefits are also differ.fits are speed and efficiency, lower transaction costs, and providin an outlet for the unbanked and underbanked. with these evolving payment technologies states are exploring the connection between existing money transmitter regulation and virtual currencies. state regulators have long supervised money transmitters to protect consumers and preserve national security and lawnete enforcement interests. state regulators are talking with industry and other regulators about evolving methods of moving funds. this includes virtual currencies, prepaid cards, vir mobile services, andtu peer to pier transactions. state regulators believe that ae ope
.cotney mr. cotney is an active contributor to consumer protection efforts both in massachusetts and nationally. in 2013 he was elected as vice chairman of the board of directors of the conference of state bank supervisors whose behalf he testifies here today. mrs., mr. cotney. miss shasky-cavalry, if you could start. >> chairman warner and merkley, rafrking members kirk and heller and members of the subcommittee. i'm jennifer s hachlt sky calvery, the director of the financial crimes enforcement network. i'm pleased to be here to i'm he discuss the work we're doing at finsen to prevent illicit actors from exploiting the u.s. financial system as technological advances such as g virtual currency create new ways to move money. recognizing the potential for abuse of emerging new payment a methods anymd understanding tha anti-money laundering l protections must keep pace with these advancements, finsen begag working with our partners several years ago to study the issue. here's what we learned.le illicit actors might decide to use virtual currency for many of the same reasons as le
was based on what was done in massachusetts. and the experience of massachusetts was that in the first month 153 or 63 people signed up out of ultimate 36,000. it was less than 1% signed up in that first month. partly because buying insurance is a complicated process for a lot of people. when they have more choices, it means they're going to take more time. there's no doubt that we've lost some time but the website is getting better each week. by the end of this month it will be functioning for the majority of people who are using it. they will be able to shop, see what their choices are. the prices are good. the prices are not changing during the open enrollment period that goes until march. so i think that we'll have time to catch up. what's also been expressed as a concern is the mix of people that sign up. we might end up having millions of people sign up. they're happy with their new coverage, but we've got more people who are older, more likely to get sick than younger and healthier. we've got to monitor that carefully. we always anticipated though that younger folks would be the last
have two mr. speakers and senators, the gentle lady from massachusetts and washington state. i ask unanimous concept morning business is extended for these two for proximately ten minutes. >> no objection, it's granted. >> i yield to the lady from washington state and then from massachusetts. >> the senator from washington. >> mr. president, i first i want to thank the senator from maryland and senator from maine for helping to bring so many of us to the floor today to talk about an issue that really cuts across bipartisan -- cuts across partisan lines and has plagued our nation's military going unaddressed for far too long. military sexual assault is an epidemic, and it is rightly been identified as such by the pentagon. it is absolutely unconscionable that a fellow service member, the person you rely on to have your back and to be there for you would commit such a terrible crime. it is simply appalling that they commit such a personal violation of her brother and sister in uniform, but what's worse and what's made change an absolute necessity is the prevalence of the crimes. 26,0
chair nominee janet yellen stressed the need to keep interest rates low. in a letter to massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. yellen wrote that unemployment reaching 6 and a half percent was not a trigger and that "monetary policy is likely to remain highly accommodative long after one of the economic thresholds... has been crossed." "the biggest challenge we have is credibility, that we will do whatever it takes to get the economy back and get inflation up to 2%." speaking before a conference of bankers, charles evans, president of the chicago fed offered a total amount for the fed's asset purchase program but no time-table for tapering. "we're probably going to end up purchasing at least 1.5 trillion dollars until we finally end this, and it maybe more. " despite improvements in europe, global economic growth is expected to lag this year and next. to the organization for economic cooperation and development-- forecasts growth of just 2.7% this year and 3.6% next year.the group describes the global economy as "stuck in first gear". mexico is experiencing something of a renaissanc
, or it was thought initially. the family plot in massachusetts. purelily happenstance, there had been no other president buried there, the president ended up there where we now see the internal flame which was inspired by something that jackie saw in paris, it now draws visitors from around the world. bill clinton had met kennedy as a young man, shaking president kennedy's hand in the rose garden in the early 60s, and then president obama, who of course, gained the endorsement of the kennedy family, edward kennedy, who is interred next to his brother, and caroline kennedy, as it happens, was installed as ambassador to japan in tokyo just yesterday. president obama, president clinton, hillary clinton, michelle obama at the grave side. >> there was the ceremony where 16 people received the presidential medal of freedom today. >> reporter: the presidential medal of freedom, the highest civilian honor in the land was instituted by john f. kennedy some 50 years ago. some 500 distinguished individuals who have provided this country with service as the award goes throughout the years has been awarded
. >> the fact in massachusetts, they did it. they ended up with 98.5% in that state on insurance to be fair. they started with more who are on ens. i think what a lot of people are worried about right now. i think it's a real worry. is that with so much attention on the website and obama care and does it work and doesn't it work? it just looks like a big mess. if you are young and healthy, are you going to troy to work your way through this thicket or pay your $95 or not pay it and mover on? that's the big question. >> we're very zraktd distracted, the young generation. >> i am, too. in massachusetts when it first ran, it ran through several glitches as the aca is now with one critical difference. in massachusetts, there wasn't an opposing political party trying to destroy it. >> and kill the message. >> and throw up a smokescreen that people throw their hands up. if way this was constructed, it could work. it could be an enormous benefit. >> if they sign up. a couple move news stories to get to. first of all, republican congressman trey raible will be in court -- radel, the freshman bought
in massachusetts 98.5% of massachusetts citizens have health insurance. this is the same system. >> thanks very much to both of you. we appreciate it. >>> now bad news for tesla motors, now the target of a federalivation because the national highway traffic safety administration said today it's launching an investigation into why two of the company's model s vehicles have caught fire this year. according to reports the fires began when the battery casing cracked open. it's just the latest p.r. nightmare for tesla, which once was just a company that cowl do no wrong. last week actor george clooney got involved, telling "esquire" magazine i was one of the first cats with a tesla. but i'm telling you i've been on the side of the road awhile in that thing. i said to them, look, guys, why am i always the guy on the side of the road. tesla ceo responded to clooney said in other news george clooney reports that his iphone 1 had a big back in 2007. that's little different than a car blowing up. the company is changing its warranty to cover damage done to fire even if due to driver error. according to e
, i know there's a large brazilia population in framingham.gham. i send examiners out every day to conduct examinations to do transaction testing, money going abroad. so we have the boots on the ground and a local understandint that these companies. then we pair that with the national perspective and knowledge of federal agencies who also interact on an international by leveraging these strengths, i think we do a much better job ah detecting and preventing this de illegal activity. >> i appreciate bothnt those answers. do you have a sense about the importance of this activity being certained in the united states?es? what is it -- what benefits does our economy and environment gain by encouraging or at least not. discouraging the bitcoin from being centered here? >>. >> i think what we gain is our continued replation as being ths country where into va tors start new businesses. and something we would want to continue. i think the great challenge for the regulators are to encouragew innovation wherever we can and put smart regulation in place that tries to deal with risks
into the medical model or the massachusetts model. we saw an onslaught of enrollment. some of that is in human nature. we should anticipate growth until the final end of the sign- up cycle. enrollment is ahead of that of massachusetts. host: why is guest: in oh, a number of people are -- you know, a number of people are calling for different sites. it if you can get people into intermediate steps where they can review all levels of the plan, from the gold and platinum plans, still not substantial to the outcome of the world that existed before the affordable care act. people are saying we went to amazon and bought books and did this. it is not the same. how many people, it is a difficult journey. constituents reached out to a navigator, and they consider themselves to be fairly about and well-informed insurance coverage but they still needed a navigator to help them through the different plans and what they would mean to their own pocketbook. it is happening. it is evolving. want to get past the kinks in the system, we will get to a much needed reform that is long overdue. host: when do you th
, kentucky, maryland, massachusetts, minnesota, nevada, new mexico, new york, oregon, rhode island, utah, vermont, and washington state. in all parts of our country, some with republican governors, some with democratic governors, but all with people who need leadership to help them find health care that they can afford. and it makes up nearly 40% of all the nation's small employers are in these states. that's who we're focused on today. we all know that the rollout of the individual insurance website has been disappointing, to say the least, but today's hearing is focused on implementing the rollout of the s.h.o.p. exchanges, which is the focus of our committee, where we had a lot of input into how this bill was designed, to emphasize the need for a better rollout, not just for individuals, but for small businesses. today, as i said, we are joined by states that accepted this challenge and responsibility to create state-based exchanges and did it well, as well as those who are having difficulty. for those states that have made the decision to operate their own s.h.o.p. marketplaces, we'r
of the league of massachusetts who said the cost to the utilities which is higher is not the same cost to the consumer. it gets into a mix of the other energy source and it is a very nominal amount for an important source of energy. cape wind is hoping to begin building next year. >> thank you very much. >> and now we know what president bush has been doing with all of his time. don't miss this. >>> yeah, this is the woman who when i was getting ready to run against governor richards in texas. i said hey, mom, i'm going to run against governor richards and long pause, she said you can't win. >> keep you from getting a big head. anyway, jeb should run for president if he wants to. >> nothing like a pep talk from bra barbara bush. thank you for japanni infor joi. obama care website not secure won't be by the end of the month. government cracking down on pilots who are too fat to fry. >> some people are2g over this add for men's boxer shorts. president obama meeting today with commissioners. >>> this map
shaw-- who's the captain right here on the horse-- and the 54th massachusetts volunteer regiment during the civil war. anybody know what this might be made of? what's it look like? girl: it looks like copper. looks like copper? because it's shiny, or gold, yes. boy: looks more bronze to me. looks more like bronze. boy: plaster? plaster. very good. this particular piece is in plaster, and it was covered in many layers of paint, some layers of bronze leaf, some layers of gold leaf, and all kinds of waxes and synthetic coatings. but the unfortunate thing is that it was exhibited almost outside-- it had a 3-sided shelter around it in new hampshire at the artist's homestead. now, what do you think happens to plaster when it's outside? girl: it ages? it ages. it gets worn down. what would happen? why would that happen? what goes on outside? and this was in new hampshire. sturman: wind and rain, snow...sun... you could even get some animals climbing up on it. well, after almost 40 years outside in that condition, the piece was begiing to look very, very sad, and the national park service was l
, california, illinois, massachusetts, and delaware, but the interesting part, and this is a first, jpmorgan agrees to pay out 4 billion dollars as relief directly to consumers. >> will consumers see any benefit from this deal or not? >> yes, about 4 billion dollars is being paid to consumers, about half of that is going towards actually reducing the principal on jpmorgan held loans where the value of the loan is bigger than the value of the house. some of that will go towards restructuring some mortgages to reduce the monthly payments. that's 2 billion dollars. and some will go towards subsidizing new mortgages for low and middle-income borrowers, and some may go to cleaning up properties in distressed areas. >> so is this the end of the legal action against jpmorgan? >> it may not be, because there is one criminal case underway so far in california. jpmorgan is agreeing to cooperate with authorities in the criminal case against it, and unlike prior deals that we have seen this one does not give jpmorgan immunity to criminal prosecution. >> ali velshi great to see you. thank you. >> my plea
, illinois, massachusetts, pennsylvania, washington, d.c., and georgia. and today more disturbing news. targeting jewish people. police say there have been a recent knockout attacks singling out people in the jewish committee. the knockout game is not reported on enough. today the "new york post" also reporting the mainstream media usually expresses news about this knockout game and/or orchestrated racial violence as i said last night. young teens need roll models and i am calling on those role models, jesse jackson and al sharpton and even president obama to speak out against the deadly game. "on the record" will continue to stay on top of the story and for more information, you can go to buit never hurts to see if u can find bettoverage, save money, or both. and check out the preventive benefits you get after the health care la open enrollment ends december 7th. so now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare [ sniffles ] i have a big meeting when we land, but i am so stuffed up, i can't rest. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil cold and flu liquid gels do
will be revised to include the phrase. a massachusetts high school canceled the rest of their football season after racist graffiti is painted on the house of one of the players. teammates are targeting 13-year-old isaac phillips with racial slurs and graffiti. he is one-quarter african american. his father is half african american and his mother is caucasian. the season has beens cancelled while an investigation is underway. his father is angry. >> it is 2013. it doesn't matter what color you are. i hope someone steps forward. kids like that don't deserve to be on the football field. >> this isn't the first time he has been bullied. he is attending a different school nearby. >> a 10-year-old girl in michigan is suing her mom's ex-boyfriend for custody of her dog. she and her mother moved out last spring and he agreed to take care of the dog temporarily. now the attorney says he is attached to the pet and he wants to keep it. the case goes to trial next july. >> a california solar company backed by president obama's owners is starting to follow sol lin -- solyndra's path. >> good morning. rep
than iffy there. an open seat in massachusetts is a history of electing the governors in open seat races and connecticut rounds out the top five. with the governors, another story line is going to be the 2016 angle and the 2016 intrigue in here. the republican governor scott walker and martinez are early favorites and both will be in competitive races. one or both could lose. all the talk about walker for president or suzanna martinez on the ticket. what would happen if one loses there in the dust bin of political history. other people like jerry brown. he wins with more than 60% reelection has a record to run on in health. a health exchange that works pretty well. does he end up running? andy cuomo. he had a big win. whoever wins in florida and that epic style battle guarantee you one or both of them think they should be part of the national conversation. we will see how that goes. chris cristy is traveling ahead of the rga. he is booked in oklahoma, idaho and vermont. he is eagerly talking about that upcoming travel. >> i will be in south carolina and pennsylvania and ohio and fl
. >> leave that graphic up there. >> if you want mandatory healthcare go live in massachusetts. if you want the free market and individual savings accounts, financial money savings accounts, go live in texas. as uncle ronni used to say you can vote with your feet. when the government attempts to do what only the free market can do. when the government says everybody has got to drive a mercedes whether you can can afford one or not, whether you want to drive one or not, very few people will have cars and everybody will be walking to work. >> you say you want to do away with social security, medicare, and medicaid? >> oob -- absolutely. it would be far better administered. >> you think you can do away with social security and medicare in this country? >> i don't think it could be done with the stroke of a pen and i don't think there is a consensus for it. but, in my world, where the government lives within the confines of the constitution, people are responsible for themselves. it's not the beltway world where you live. people don't look to the federal government to take care of them. >> i th
, we're in 1935. >> romney care in massachusetts, very slow at first. >> tomorrow, we'll try to book neville -- all right, factor tip of the day and president carter and me on tv together. the tip, moments away. hey wayn quick question... did you try restarting it? no, not that. i was thinng about getting a tablet aa gift... verizon has tablets. accessing brn information... yes, ty have a lot to choose from. did you real just... and now you can get $100 off any tablet. thanks, wayne. save like never before on any tablet at verizon now. get $100 off any tablet. plus trade in your old tablet for up to $150 or more. that's powerful. verizon. can you move your beverage away from the keyboard? it's making anxious. sure thing. millions have raised their hand for the proven relief of the purple pill. and that relief could be in your hand. for many, nexium helps relieve heartburn symptoms from acid reflux disease. find out how you can save at there is risk of bone fracture and low magnesium levels. side effects may include headache, abdominal pain, and diarrhea if you have p
this work. it can work and it worked in massachusetts in 98% of the citizens have health insurance. this is the same system. >> thanks very much to both of you. we appreciate it. we look forward to your feedback. now bad news for tesl motors. it's the target of an investigation. this is an investigation why two of the models caught fire this year. according to reports it started a fire when the battery case cracked up. tesla once a company that could do no wrong. last week actor george clooney told "ed square" i was one of the first cats with a tesla but i'm telling you i've been on the side of the road for awhile with that and guys, why am i always stuck on the side of the f-ing road. anyway, tesla is not only relying on snack ki tweets but covering the warranty covering damage done. we believe in the safety of our car is correct and this is a minor cost and this is wrong and the right thing is for tesla to bear the cost, not the buyer. 35%, which is how much tesla's shares shrank since the high at the end of september. musk isn't worried about investors are. this still is still t
policy in this country. most experts say it does, it points to a state like massachusetts where people are insured. one of the entire ideas behind the entire affordable care act was to be able to bend the cost curve of health care in this country where we've seen health care cost skyrocket in the administration does have good data. >> the days are passing fast. we'll see. >> i know. >> thank you very much. >> they know. >> still ahead, an update on a virginia state senator, creigh deeds condition after he was allegedly stabbed by his own son. his son underwent a psychiatric evaluation just a day before the attack. plus, missouri executes a white supremist serial killer. one of the stories in our news nation today. in the nation, sometimes bad things happen. add brand new belongings from nationwide insurance and we'll replace stolen or destroyed items with brand-new versions. we put members first. join the nation. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ many cereals say they're good for your heart, but did you know there's a cereal that's recommended by doctors? it's post shredded wheat. rec
a senator from massachusetts. you had nba players that were playing, you had wealthy african-americans. you had bill russell, wealthy african-americans around the country. not every african-american was poor. >> no. there's always been some -- >> these things happened at the same time. >> and there was, but one did not excuse the fact that others were experiencing racism. but this has become a real campaign with the right wing against oprah, eric. and they are like just jumping all over her. the fox strategy that you talk about? >> what did she do wrong? she talked about race. that's the starting point for all these people. you don't talk about t even when she couched it saying things have gotten better. the fact that she brings up any criticism whatsoever. she was saying barack obama has been disrespected the way no other president has. and that, that's the fox strategy right there. >> let me show you what she said. oprah was asked if it's crossed her mind if this president had been treated differently because he's african-american. listen to what she said. >> just the level of disrespect
. >> a football team in massachusetts cancelled the rest of their season. members of the lurenburg spray painted, "knits don't need n" 13-year-old isaac phillips, his mum is white and father black. they cancelled their biggest game because the superintendent said, "we have no tolerance for racism." local police and the federal bureau of investigation are investigating. time to follow the bouncing ball. lebron james and miami heat. dwayne wayne is selling a sitcom to fox called "throw." it will be shah to the "kos by show." dwayne didn't play. his team-mates picked up the slack. lebron scarred a season-low 13. miami won 104-88. dwayne wayne trying to franchise himself. he has a line of socks and ties. >> he wouldn't be the first nba player. >> i like "the kos by show." >> raising the age limit for buying secrets. a new law when county signed to people the tobacco out of the hands of under 21st. >> and i'll tell you where we are dealing with rain and snow. . >>> welcome back to al jazeera america. just ahead new york city's crackdown on tobacco. first the precipitation, metrologist nicole mitchell
. ... >> even ahead of what massachusetts was. people got closer to the deadline, the "l.a. times" reported that a number of states that use their own systems are attracting enrollment targets for 2014 because of a sharp increase in november. california, and they enrolled 31,000 people in private plans last month nearly double that in the first two weeks of this month and several other states are outpacing their enrollment estimates and minnesota enrollment was tripling the rate of the first half grades we see an acceleration, even in the federal marketplace, we show that "the new york times" reported that this is double the private plan enrollment and is the first two weeks of november. and we are seeing improvements and the increase of people going back on the site successfully is a very encouraging situation. rather than just attack the health care law and undermine it, we ought to try to make it work and we are anxious to make sure that you do your job and the website and all of that gets to be working. call upon us, because we are able to act in that regard. >> the gentleman's time has
to keep. you know, i don't know -- massachusetts when they start theirs and i think it was 2006 06 had people. that signed up in the first month. that's all that signed up.that e it's now been an enormousonth success. it you had a vote today on montana, i dare say 90% of the people saylet keep it. people wd that over time have the say. they the same one state, to a nation. guest: but we can learn from that. some of it was avoidable. it is unfortunate we do not catch this earlier. that does not deny. we have to make our system better. all of those who criticize and really find fault are not providing the kind of opportunities for alternatives. what is it we do if we do not do this? what solutions are there that might provide a better solution than what we are looking at today? none of the critics that i have seen are being forthcoming in that regard. host: what about the initial enrollment numbers? guest: in those exchanges where the states are operating are pretty good. i think we will see if i am continue as we meet the deadline. the american people want to be able to make their decis
the president to change including in massachusetts, mississippi, a few other states including 10 states who will allow insurance companies including colorado, north carolina, oregon and texas. that continues at the white house at 4:00 today. as a group have said it is very difficult and will take years to phase out. insurance company allowed them to phase them in over a matter of months. it could be even more expensive. this is from yesterday. down in florida, in miami an event to try and get people signed up on obamacare. a cbs affiliate picked up video of her witnessing the website crashing for a couple of times. cbs says only two people were able to get health insurance. we have yet to receive a response on why that is true. seeing firsthand how the website continues to crash. the administration has it out and running at the end of this month for the metric is filled with lots of questions as to how many people will actually be able to access that site. back to you. adam: simply put, don't hold your breath. lori: we learned earlier today fewer americans bought previously owned homes last
, cindy and adjoining states like georgia, massachusetts, rhode island, rhode island. there are number of democrats on capitol hill calling for changes on the law. >> there should be a transitional year. it takes time for this. the transitional year be this year, shop, get the product right, get the market right and get the rollout right. >> the website will be working for the majority of the people by the end of this month. cheryl: rich, thank you. dennis: sticking with health care, key health care official admitting in test my to congress 30 to 40% of still needs to be built. given how well they did the past three years to build the first 70%, it is going over swimmingly well. chairman and ceo of th ehealth. you wrote a letter to its go to offer to help out. tell us what you offered and what you heard. >> we have done this for years and years. the of health insurance. we wrote a letter to the president offering to help, we will take is over while others are trying to fix the federal government exchange to get people enrolled because at the end of the day thi
or massachusetts. and i assume from the report that that means rhode island as well, because rhode islanders have been skiing our beloved yagu ski valley since the 1960's. as drought and increasing temperatures reduce the snow pack in the cascade range and the rocky mountains, the future of ski and snowboarding there is also at risk. the park city foundation in utah predicts an annual local tefn increase -- temperature increase of 6.8 degrees fahrenheit by 2025 which cay cause a total loss of snow pack in the lower resort area. beyond the loss to the ski tradition in park city, the report estimates that this will result in thousands of lost jobs, tens of millions in lost earnings, and hunk hundreds of millions in lost economic output. no part of the country will be immune from these changes our imponincarbon pollution is driv. extremely warm days in the southeast is on the rise. ice on the great lakes is forminforming later and disappeg earlier. wildfire seasons are getting worse in the west where the snow pack is melting earlier. sea level rise threatens hawaii's famed beaches, and warming in al
: the gentleman yields back. the chair recognizes the gentleman from massachusetts, mr. mcgovern, for five minutes. mr. mcgovern: i ask unanimous consent to revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. speaker, next week is thanksgiving. all of us in this chamber will go back to our districts and we will celebrate this holiday with our families, usually with a big turkey dinner with all the fixings and all these wonderful desserts. mr. speaker, for millions and millions of americans, they won't have anything to celebrate next week. they don't have enough to put food on the table for their families because close to 50 million people in the united states of america, the richest country in the history of the world, that are hungry. close to 17 million of them are kids. of mr. speaker, in the face these terrible statistics, we have a congress that is working overtime to make life for many of these people even more miserable. there has already been a cut in snap as a result of the ending of the recovery act moneys that provided an extra boost to the program. so everybod
, i hereby appoint the honorable edward markey, a senator from the commonwealth of massachusetts, to perform the duties of the chair. signed: patrick j. leahy, president pro tempore. mr. reid: mr. president? the presiding officer: the majority leader. mr. reid: following leader remarks, the senate will be in a period for an hour. the majority will control the first half. the republicans the final half. following that morning business the senate will resume consideration of the defense authorization bill. we'll debate the sexual assault issue for up to six hours, and i hope we can reach agreement on the ability to vote on those two amendments. people worked very hard on arriving at a point where we can debate this issue. i hope we can do that. i think it would be very appropriate that we have that issue resolved as quickly as possible. mr. president, i'm told that s. 1737 is due for a second reading. the presiding officer: the clerk will read the title of the bill for a second time. the clerk: s. 1737, a bill to provide for an increase in the federal minimum wage, and so forth. mr
with more on the wreath laying sceremony. with me now from arlington, massachusetts, another american who answered kennedy's call, david gergen, adviser to four previous presidents. nice to see you today. let's just begin with those images we just played here on cnn. what are your thoughts as we witness that moment at arlington? >> well, in many ways, you know, when kennedy was inaugurated, he said it was the passing of the torch. and i think today, we saw the passing of the torch to a new generation. and it was a generation that is very closely tied to president kennedy. of course, president obama was born during the kennedy presidential years. but bill clinton was especially close to him. he met him at boyce state. a fantastic picture of kennedy reaching out and touching the fingers of bill clinton. like god touching moses from clinton's point of view. that was a very inspiring moment for bill clinton. he modeled most of his life and answered the call of the president, and when he came president, larry sab atoe has published a book on the kennedy presidency and how it influenced previou
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